air tabs

Vortex generators reduces drag, buffeting from side winds from passing rigs and increases mileage.


allison automatic transmissions

Fully automatic transmissions and parts


balance masters crank, wheel, and driveline balancers

Eliminates vibrations generated by crank, wheels and driveline.

bully dog class 8 engine tuning devices

Tuners for Class 8s


Rear, side, and dash cameras

class 8 engines

For large trucks

dorothy egr soot remover

Removes heavy soot particles from the EGR system sending cleaner gasses  back to the engine. Less DPF and DEF regens

dry film bearing lube

Used to reduce internal drag

eCM Engine tuners

Device used to manage and optimize engine performance.

Fuel air separator systems

FASS and AirDog


Lifetime-guaranteed, washable, high-flow air filters. High flow, less restriction.

injection pumps

New and Reman diesel injection pumps


OEM and after-market reman injectors including race injectors.


lipe heavy duty clutch

For heavy haul, truck and tractor pulling and racing.

manual transmissions

Fuller/Roadranger, Meritor, TTC, Mack, Alliance/Mercedes, Clark, Eaton

oil coolers

High performance engine and transmission oil coolers.

pdi class 8 performance parts

Parts for your Class 8 vehicle

pittsburgh power mufflers

Reduce back-pressure from 60″ to 13″, reduce EGTs 70 to 125 degrees F, quicker turbo spool-up. Sounds great.

pittsburgh power performance exhaust manifolds

Increased exhaust flow getting heat to turbo quicker with fewer eddy occurrence or internal burbling. 

steinbauer Class 8 engine performance tuning devices

Extend battery life and charge while maintaining peak performance.

thermo king solar cell battery chargers

Extend battery life and charge while maintaining peak performance.

Trailer support stands

Supports trailer nose. Stop trailer tipping while being loaded/unloaded.

Turbos: class 8 truck high performance

OEM and After-market, new and reman high performance turbo chargers.

vibratech tvd viscous silicone crank damper

Change at 500,000 miles. Absorbs crank vibrations.