The easiest and safest way to improve the performance, response, and fuel mileage of a Cummins engine is with a Pittsburgh Powerbox. The remote control has 7  power settings and each setting gives the truck about 25 to 30 horsepower to the rear wheels and about 75  foot pounds of torque. If the power selector switch was set to power level 4, the engine would produce 100 more horsepower and 300 foot pounds of torque to the rear wheels. The horsepower can be adjusted as you’re driving the truck.  The Powerbox will not affect your ECM. Turn it up for the hills, turn it down or off for ice and snow if you wish. Most owner-operators generally leave the remote setting on level 3.  The remote control has a digital readout for turbo boost and the exhaust gas temperature of the engine. The Powerbox does record the exhaust gas temperature and will cut the power back to stock if the exhaust gases get too hot.