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We carry the CRANESMART Load Monitoring System, an effect way to monitor your loads and ensure safety for your drivers, as well as your trucks.  Without monitoring the weight of your loads, trucks can be overturned, causing not only vehicular but also bodily harm. Results can be devastating to your business, as the incidents can not only kill your drivers but also take your cranes off of the road and land you in court for years of litigation.  Purchasing this highly affordable system is honestly a no-brainer!

Cranesmart Monitoring System

Improving jobsite safety means being on the right side of the powerlines- every time. Cranesmart Load Monitoring System presents the most effective reliable and easy to install powerline detection system to hit the industry.  

  • Available as stand-alone unit, or in conjunction with LMI systems for crans or pipelayers.
  • Factory calibrated to certification level accuracy
  • Built tough to handle all weather extremes and temperature
  • Quick, easy installation on any machine in 30 mins.
  • Top notch service is guarantee for a minimum of 10 years
  • 5-year battery life, replaced free for the life of the system.


  • QUICK, EASY INSTALLATION–users can install our systems on their own cranes in a matter of hours with no technician required.  Great service support is always available, when and if necessary
  • ACCURATE–All systems are calibrated to certification level accuracy.
  • EXPANDABLE–Our adapatable echnology will fit your budget and provide what is needed when it’s needed. Start with a simple load indiator today, and expand to a full LMI system later with ease.
  • OPERATOR FRIENDLY—A Simplified user interface and new color touchscreen display allows operators to become experts within an hour 
  • MEET JOBSITE REQUIREMENTS–Cranesmart experts are well informed of jobsite requirements around the world and can help identify and achieve exactly what is needed for any crane.
  • BUILT TOUGH–Our systems are designed to work in all environmental extremes with temperatures from -40°to 60°C (-40° to 140°F); saltwater spray, and storms or 100% humidity are no problem. Hazardous locations certified equipment is available.
  • SERVICE–We enjoy taking care of our customers.  You can count on our friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced staff to provide any information and equipment required, hassle free.  All Cranesmart systems are backed by guaranteed service for a minimum of 10 years and free batteries during the life of the system.

Here’s what you see on your screen:

Video and audio alarm states very clearly warn operators in real time of potential hazards.

Output available to enable machine function kickouts.

Cranesmart Monitoring System

Cranesmart Monitoring System

  •  No hidden costs – All pricing includes complete systems. Knowledgeable staff means the right solution, the first time.
  • Lower repair costs – Solid-state, maintenance-free transmitters built to last your machines a decade and longer.
  • Reliability – Over 30,000 C.S. systems in operation worldwide. Your machines will have equipment from an industry leader.
  •  Versatility – Start with a single component, or expand to a full system, from the same panel. Whatever your machines need to get the job done.
  • Less downtime – Shipping materials in 72 hours or less, often overnight, to keep your equipment up and running. Installation times a fraction of the competitors, with no technicians required.
  • Service support – Industry-leading after-the-sale service for troubleshooting and installation whenever you need us. Keeping your equipment working in the field for more than a decade of useful life.
  • Free batteries – 3.6V Lithium “D” cells last for 3 – 5 years, replaced for you at no charge, for the life of the system


Cranesmart Monitoring System

New touchscreen allows for quick component calibration, easy navigation of all system menus, component calibrations, limit settings, and customizable supervisor access modes.

The Cranesmart system is designed with modular expansion in mind. Start with the powerline detection today and expand it to incorporate load, angle, anti 2-block, wind and many other indicators at any time.

  • Main display, receiver, and control module for the system
  • Clearly displays sensor transmissions for the operator
  • Internally handles all software logic and menu interfaces
  • Allos for easy transducer spares and swapping
  • USB port for alarm logging and programming upgrades
  • Function kickouts available
  • Output to existing function kickouts, computer or PLC

Cranesmart Monitoring System

Cranesmart Monitoring System

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