PDI Class 8 Performance Parts

We carry the PDI BIG BOSS TUNER for your convenience for Caterpillar, Cummins, and Detroit.   Features of the tuner include:

  • Industry Leading Horsepower and Torque Increase
  • Striking Gauge and Monitoring Options
  • Diagnostic Fault Code Troubleshooting
  • Speed Limiter Adjustment
  • Tire Size and Gear Ratio Adjustment
  • DPF Manual Regeneration Test**
  • DPF Restriction Test**
  • Fleet Password Lockout for Fleet Managers
  • Available in All 50 States
  •  WiFi Updates

PDI’s BIG BOSS® Performance Tuner combines Power, Efficiency, and Monitoring capabilities in one very user-friendly handheld unit! It’s as easy as plugging it into your diagnostics port and following instructions. Tuning is the easiest and most efficient way to achieve fuel economy and improvements in horsepower! These Performance Tuners offer an experience personalized to each user since driving styles and applications vary from one person to the next. In addition, purchasers of PDI Big Boss Products are entitled to continued customer service and technical support.