Peterbilt 220 EV

Peterbilt continues to expand its alternative powertrain offerings with the new Model 220EV–its first electric configuration for medium duty applications.  The 220EV provides customers a zero emissions vehicle for clean, efficient operation and lower overall maintenance.

The Peterbilt Model 220EV is equipped with an e-motor, two battery packs, and an on-board charger, allowing for a range of up to 200 miles. Using the compatible DC fast-charging system, the state-of-the-art, high-energy density battery packs can recharge in 1-2 hours, making the 220EV ideal for local pickup and delivery, as well as short regional haul operations.

Designed of driver comfort and productivity, the Model 220EV features enhanced visibility, superior maneuverability, a spacious interior and ease of serviceability for maximum uptime.




Class 6 – HV2600

-154kW (207hp) Continuous Power

-250 kW (355hp) Peak Power

Class 7 – HV3500

-259kW (347hp) Continuous Power

-350kW (469hp) Peak Power

Drive Configuration: 4X2


Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP), Thermally Controlled

618 Volts

Configurations Available

-141 kWH Energy Storage, 100 Mile Range

-282 kWH Energy Storage, 200 Mile Range



-19.2 kW Power Rating

-7.5-15 Hour Charge Time

DC Fast-Charging

-510 kW Power Rating

-1-2 Hour Charge Time

Charging Locations

-BOC – Standard

-EOF – Optional




-26,000 lbs (Class 6)

-33,000 lbs. (Class 7)

Wheel Bases: 206″, 218″, 274″

Body Lengths: 24′, 26′, 30′

Gross Axle Weight Ratings

Class 6 Front -10,000 lbs.

Class 7 Front -12,000 lbs

Class 6 Rear – 16,000 lbs

Class 7 Rear – 21,000 lbs

Rear Axle Ratio: 5.57 with 22.5 Wheels / 4.63 with 19.5 Wheels


Front Suspension – Parabolic Spring

Rear Suspension

-Reyco Mechanical

-Hendrickson HAS210

-Hendrickson HAS230 Air Ride


Wheels – 22.5″ Steel Painted White

Wheels – 19.5″ Steel Painted White

Tires-= F/R: Bridgestone 11R22.5″

Tires – F/R Bridgestone 19.5″

Brakes – Front and Rear Drum Standard, Front Air Disc Optional




34″ Frame Spacing

Steel Painted Gray Bumper


63.4″ BBC

95″ Cabin Width

104″ Cabin Height

Hydraulic 55-Degree Tilting Steel Cab

82.5″ Cab Width

Driver Seat – Air Suspension

Passenger Seat – 2-Person Bench Standard

Single Person Air Ride Optional

Center Storage Console and Cupholders

Heater and Air Conditioning

Cruise Control

Power Windows

Power and Heated Mirrors


Cab – Ice White

Frame – Black

Additional Options

Speakers & Wiring for Customer Installed Radio

Rear Shock Absorbers – Reyco

Rear Axle Stabilizer Bar – Reyco

Rear Differential Lock

Rear Mud Flap Hanger and Shields

Backup Alarm

Wiring only for Customer Installed Backup Alarm

Orange Seat Belts

Red Seat Belts

Target Applications

Pickup & Delivery

Regional Haul


Food & Beverage